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A Taste of the World to Come

Every week, Jody Hirsh, the JCC’s Judaic Education Director, provides a Judaic message in honor of Shabbat. Below is the Shabbat message for Friday, August 7, 2015.

A Taste of the World to Come

The rabbis tell us that the Shabbat is a “taste of the World to Come.” For the rabbis, the World to Come is that perfected life after the Messiah comes: a life of abundance, and peace, and safety, and satisfaction which is the repaired and perfected world toward which people, in partnership with God, work. The Shabbat, they told us, is a taste of that perfected world.

All week here in Milwaukee, we’ve also had a Taste of the World to Come as a result of the JCC Maccabi Games. All week, almost 1,000 Jewish teens from all over the USA and the World converged on Milwaukee for competitions, friendship, social gathering, and special events. They have been training for this week for months, if not years. There have been so many “World to Come” moments. When two groups of kids encounter each other and discover they are competing in the same sport and therefore rivals, often wish each other “Good Luck!” Now THAT is sportsmanship. The World to Come. Or… when two basketball or soccer teams finish their cutthroat game: one team wins, and one loses, of course, and the winning and losing teams hug each other. The World to Come.

On Wednesday was the special day of “JCC Cares.” The Maccabi kids participated in community projects helping those in need: They partnered with Special Olympics of Wisconsin to help with a track meet for kids with special needs; they packaged snacks for the Hunger Task Force feeding thousands of disadvantaged children; they helped install public equipment at Walker Square Park; and, they rebuilt and replanted the Jewish Community Garden at the JCC which provides fresh vegetables for families in need.  Truly the World to Come.

The image and example of these Jewish athletes has truly given us a taste of the World to Come.





Shabbat Shalom

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milwaukeemaccabiA Taste of the World to Come

Be here. Embrace the moment

By Michele Ellner, Host Family Mom & JCC Maccabi Games Marketing Co-Chair

This week provides an amazing opportunity to these kids if they can just look around and dive right in. No time for hesitation or the Jewish pop star walks right by without losing for a picture. No time for hesitation or the Olympic swimmer gives other kids the tips and tricks to win gold. It’s not the time to hide in the corner alone or only hang with the kids you’ve known since kindergarten. Do that, and you risk exiting the week without changing yourself in any way. Be here at all times so you can leap when the opportunity presents itself.


IMG_3933 IMG_3934


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milwaukeemaccabiBe here. Embrace the moment

Las Vegas Uniforms

When you think of a Maccabi uniform, what do you immediately picture in your mind? For me, I think of something to do with your state or city. I do not think of my favorite movies or books, however, and that is exactly what Las Vegas did this year, with their Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired uniforms and pins.


What’s your favorite uniform?



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Dahlia - Star ReporterLas Vegas Uniforms

Shabbat Shalom JCC Maccabi Games!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Steering Committee, and the team of staff, volunteers, hosts, and donors bringing the JCC Maccabi Games to life – THANK YOU!  Over the past three years, our community has rallied around these Games in  awesome and inspiring ways.  Though we have a lot of work ahead, it’s clear that our goals to partner, to build, and to sustain our community are already coming to fruition.

It’s going to be an incredible week of activity and excitement here at the JCC, and we thank you for everything you’ve done to bring us to this point.

Have a restful and peaceful Shabbat and we will see you all on Sunday when the rest of our visiting delegations arrive and we officially open the JCC Maccabi Games 2015 here in Milwaukee!


Maccabified Challot in honor of Shabbat.

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milwaukeemaccabiShabbat Shalom JCC Maccabi Games!

Israel is here!

Members of our Israeli Delegation have made it to Milwaukee and were welcomed with a huge crowd today at the JCC.  Here is a little taste of what is to come for the rest of our visiting delegations!





IMG_7682 - small



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Deb CarneolIsrael is here!

Health Tips during the Games

As the medical provider for the 2015 JCC Maccabi Games the providers and staff at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin are committed to doing all that we can to make the Games a safe and enjoyable experience for participants and host families alike.

Here are four important tips to remember while competing this summer!

1) Hydrate! Not getting enough water can have a big impact on not just your athletic performance but also your health. Fluids should be consumed before, during and after activity. Water is the best source of proper nutrition.


2) Eat well to improve health and performance! Eat 3-4 hours prior to competition and then again 30-60 minutes before, making sure to include whole grain carbs and lean proteins.


3) Choose the right foods for Game Days: suggestions include whole wheat tortillas, oatmeal, cereal, potatoes, rice, fresh fruit, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter, trail mix, and lunch meat.


4) Concussions are common injuries in young athletes. Because concussions can be hard to detect, we encourage taking any bump or jolt to the head or body seriously. If in doubt, sit it out… and make sure to be checked out by a Children’s Hospital of WI health care professional.


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milwaukeemaccabiHealth Tips during the Games

Your JCC During the JCC Maccabi Games

To Our Family of Members,With the countdown clock fast descending, the JCC Maccabi Games are right around the corner!  For over two years, our community has been actively and passionately planning for this celebration of Milwaukee, Jewish life, and our shared values. Over the course of the week, thousands will call our community home, and in competition and social service we will collectively set a course for sustainable growth. Though we anticipate a significant increase in visitors and traffic at the JCC beginning August 2nd, we are working diligently to ensure that JCC members continue to gain full value from their membership.Below is an overview of scheduled activities and schedule modifications being developed to provide the safest, most efficient, and collaborative JCC Maccabi Games experience.

Your-JCC-During-the-GamesSunday, August 2nd JCC Maccabi Games Opening Ceremonies – BMO Harris Bradley Center

All JCC members and guests are invited to join us for this free celebration. With live music, a parade of delegations, and special appearances from community leaders – it will be an evening to remember!

Credentialed participants, spectators, volunteers, hosts, and supporters will be allowed entry. If you would like to attend the Opening Ceremonies as a guest (and are not credentialed) you may obtain a FREE ticket at milwaukeemaccabi.org, or at the JCC member service desks.

Monday, August 3rd – Wednesday, August 5th

JCC Members are encouraged to access the JCC primarily at the South and West entrances.  You will need to show your keyfob or credential to access the JCC campus the week of the Games. Special parking passes will be provided to program users to allow efficient access.

The Marcus Gym, which will be unavailable for broader member use during the day (with limited availability each evening.)  Click here for class locations changes August 3-6.

Early Closure and Celebration

The JCC is excited to host the JCC Maccabi Games Closing Celebration on our home campus! To accomplish this, the JCC will close at 3:00pm on Thursday, August 6th. Parking will be limited in the north lot throughout the day.

A successful JCC Maccabi Games is the direct result of an entire community coming together in shared vision: to affirm the JCC’s place as a destination for wellness, education, and community services. We are awed by the support of our members, partners, sponsors, and community leaders – and are excited to welcome you all to “Get In the Games!”

For more information on the JCC Maccabi Games, please visit: Web: milwaukeemaccabi.org, Facebook:  MilwaukeeMaccabi,  Twitter: @MKEJCCMaccabi15 (#MkeMaccabi) and download the Games mobile app (click here for instructions)

Thank you again for your continued support, and for everything this incredible community has done to make the 2015 JCC Maccabi Games a Milwaukee experience that will never be forgotten!

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milwaukeemaccabiYour JCC During the JCC Maccabi Games

What to do with my Athletes on Host Family Night

Still wondering what to do on Host Family night? Here are some ideas to show off Milwaukee.

  • Brewers Game – Watch the Brewers play the San Diego Padres at 7:10 pm at Miller Park. To receive the JCC Maccabi discount visit www.Brewers.com/vip, select August 5th as the game date, and enter the coupon code JCCMACCABI.
  • The Lakeshore Chinooks – Watch the next baseball stars play at our Championship baseball venue, Kapco Park in Mequon.  They will be playing against the Battle Creek Bombers at 6:35 pm. For special JCC Maccabi Games tickets click here and enter the promo code Maccabi Games in the promotions panel. Tickets must be printed by purchaser and vouchers will be mailed.
  • Hy & Richard Smith JCC Water Park – Stop by the Hy & Richard Smith JCC Water Park to swim, eat, relax by the pool, play gaga, beach volleyball, basketball and more.  This is a great way to socialize with the community and show your pride of being part of the JCC Maccabi Games!  The water park closes at 7:30pm and will be available to all Host Families.
  • Jewish Museum Milwaukee – Come Play Ball with Jewish Museum Milwaukee at this exciting and enlightening Baseball exhibit!  Enrich your guests with a sense of the Milwaukee Jewish experience while exploring “Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American.”  The Museum will be open until 7:00pm; entrance is free with JCC Maccabi Games credentials.
  • Night Hike – The Jewish Wisconsin Initiative for a Sustainable Environment (J-Wise) is proud to offer a night hike at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. This opportunity is open to as many families as would like and admission prices have been discounted to $4. (Just mention that you are a JCC Maccabi Games Host Family.) Come experience the night like never before at the Audubon Center!
  • Westown River Rhythms – For the music lovers, check out the Westown River Rhythms outdoor concert series in Pere Marquette Park, featuring local music, Five Card Studs at 6:30 pm! Bring food from a local restaurant, relax or just stop by and check out the music. Summer nights in Milwaukee are great for live outdoor music!
  • nines American Bistro – River Club of Mequon – River Club of Mequon is hosting a Family Pasta Night at the nines American Bistro.  This could also include night swimming, bonfire conversation, and open FREE video games. Time is flexible and space is limited. Dinner is $13.95 / person. To reserve your spot contact Neena Florsheim at rsfnbf@aol.com by, TODAY, Wednesday July 29th.
  • Evolution Gastro Pong – If you’re looking to keep the competition alive, and maybe join in, check out Evolution Gastro Pong.  Evolution is located in the Third Ward and has table-tennis courts on Olympic competition flooring, TVs, and a restaurant. Enjoy a fun night in Milwaukee’s downtown area.

In order to stay informed of the most up to date information during the week of The Games, please subscribe to our group texting service.  For mobile alerts, text HOSTFAMILY to 41411.

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milwaukeemaccabiWhat to do with my Athletes on Host Family Night

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors and donors of the 2015 JCC Maccabi Games.  The Games would not have been possible without your support and dedication to this process.














Milwaukee Bucks • Bruce Gendelman Co., Inc. • The Boelter Companies • Robert & Mimi Habush • Nancy & David Gruber • Moshe & Deb Katz Yellow Wood • Sue & Rick Strait • Hunzinger Construction Weld Specialty Supply Corp. • Forefront Dermatology • Catholic Financial Life Green Bay Packers • Jamie & Felicia Miller • Bruce Weiss & Melinda Steffey • United Healthcare of Wisconsin • Suzy B. Ettinger
Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin • Milwaukee Center for Independence • John & Cheryl Lubotsky and Family

Komisar Brady & Co., LLP • SkinnyPop • Lorraine Hoffmann • Salinsky Program to Feed the Hungry • Shel & Danni Gendelman • Mark & Barbara Glazer • Alicia & Bryan Sadoff • Shari & Corey Shamah • Mark & Sharon Shapiro • Margaret Luck & Jesse Rosen • Sky Zone Trampoline Park • Complete Office of Wisconsin • Office 8 • Impact

BILTRITE Furniture Inc. • Betty Chrustowski • Richard & Neena Florsheim • David & Pip Lowe • Michele & Joe Ellner • Kapco • Barry Goodstein • Larry & Ronna Pachefsky • H.L. Epstein Family Foundation, Inc. Pam Kriger • Tobin Solutions, Inc. • Andi & Mike Zimmerman • Ron & Fran Meyers • Jane & Stephen Chernof Merzy & Russ Eisenberg • Martin & Gail Komisar • Brian & Judy Parrish • Micki & Bob Seinfeld • O’Desky Family Cream City Ribbons • Linda Gorens-Levey & Michael Levey • Raymond & Rosalie Harkavy • Wendy, Marc, Carly & Zach Cohen Ari & Jennifer Friedman • Ron & Susan Miller • The Rubin Family • Anonymous (3) Joyce & Albert Solochek • Marsha Denny Shannon Bernstein • Max & Cindy Rasansky • Mel & Romaine Backer • Tom & Cathy Czaja • Barbara Sable • Linda Schettle • Marilyn & Bob Teper • Howard & Diane Wagan Russ & Melanie Wasserman • Ben & Erin Stern • Family • Herman Hersh • June Wallace Brent & Kelly Arnold • Marc & Stephanie Effron • Allen Kwass • Barry Zalben • Marian K. Laev • Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Meldman • Inge Schopler • Steven & Robin Arenzon Barbara & Michael Levin • Mitch Nelles & Ellie Gettinger • Jane Chester • Marlene Tracy Miller Bakery • Freda Adashek • Mark & Cheryl Brickman • Otto Feller Mark, Jackie, Jessica & Hannah Gold • Miller Bakery • Libby Temkin • Ruth & Jon Wallace • Harriet Zale

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milwaukeemaccabiThank you to our Generous Sponsors