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Being a star reporter can mean very different things either you don’t play sports, or you absolutely love photography, or writing. Sometimes star reporters don’t get many cool opportunities. This year my experience was different. We went on a little field trip to ESPN, channel 4 (TMJ4), and the Journal Sentinel. We were able to take tours of all of the facilities and learn some new tips. I had two highlights from our trip. The first was at ESPN. We went into the recording room and were able to see all of the microphones and hear some tips from the people who were on the radio. We were able to hear what people were going to hear on the radio in person. My second highlight was at channel 4. As we were about to finish another person came over and asked for two volunteers. All of the star reporters from Austin quickly raised there hands, me being one of them. We didn’t know what we were volunteering for and when they started asking for microphones we had an idea. They were going to interview us for the six o’clock news. We didn’t really know what they were going to ask us, but when they started I felt like I knew exactly what I wanted to say. They asked us about what our highlights from the Games have been, what we liked about Milwaukee, and what was so special about the JCC Maccabi Games. Austin will definitely be watching the news tonight because Austin will always represent.

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Hannah - Star ReporterLearning From The Pros
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