Hannah - Star Reporter

You Don’t Have To Play To Feel Proud

Imagine scoring the winning point. It’s amazing, it’s a moment that you will never forget. You feel proud. Star Reporters don’t really get that opportunity. We have the opportunity to voice what we see and are proud of. Yesterday I went to a team Austin volleyball game where they were playing Denver to see who

JCC Cares From The Sidelines

This is my third time participating in the JCC Maccabi Games, and every time JCC Cares is run in a very different way. Last year Austin went to Boca where we weren’t allowed to go see other¬†JCC Cares projects. This year I was able to take part in helping and then see others do the

Growing Up Team Austin: Kendall Miller

Team Austin is a vibrant group of young individuals who are passionate about Judaism, community and having a whole lot of fun! One Team Austin volleyball player, Kendall Miller, has been a part of the Jewish community deep in the heart of Texas for her entire life. From attending a Jewish day school through 8th

Learning From The Pros

Being a star reporter can mean very different things either you don’t play sports, or you absolutely love photography, or writing. Sometimes star reporters don’t get many cool opportunities. This year my experience was different. We went on a little field trip to ESPN, channel 4 (TMJ4), and the Journal Sentinel. We were able to