You Don’t Have To Play To Feel Proud

Imagine scoring the winning point. It’s amazing, it’s a moment that you will never forget. You feel proud. Star Reporters don’t really get that opportunity. We have the opportunity to voice what we see and are proud of.

Yesterday I went to a team Austin volleyball game where they were playing Denver to see who would play for gold.After every serve, bump, set, or hit my heart started racing. I felt as if I was playing with them. Every time the ball flew through the air there was a moment of silence, when all I wanted was for our team to win. Thankfully Austin won and headed to play Boca, Ann Arbor, Detroit team.

That game was held today and I was anxious to see who would win. Would Austin win the gold? Sadly, Austin lost but we did win silver. Knowing that my friends won, and did such a good job makes me very proud and happy that I came from team Austin. We played well, were enthusiastic, and had great rachmanus. Go ATX!!!

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Hannah - Star ReporterYou Don’t Have To Play To Feel Proud


Seeing athletes on opposing sides at the San Diego VS Chicago boys U-16 soccer game helping each other up after accidentally knocking each other down was a little funny until I remembered one of the Midot… Rachmanus. Even when the boys were competing, they remembered that compassion was key. While San Diego was definitely exuberant when they won, they didn’t rub it in, as so many of my classmates do when football comes into the question. All in all, I think the games are off to a great start!!!


-dahlia laby

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Dahlia - Star ReporterRachmanus

When real daughter plays host daughter

By Michele Ellner, Host Family Mom & JCC Maccabi Games Marketing Co-Chair
What’s a mom to do when daughter v daughter happens on the volleyball court? One athlete you’ve known for 14 years and the other you’ve known for less than 48 hours but still the host mom- host daughter loyalty runs deep. It was amazing to see the two teams battle it out trading powerful serves and hustling to get the ball up and over. Although the Las Vegas team reined supreme over the Milwaukee girls today, the two teams departed as friends.
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milwaukeemaccabiWhen real daughter plays host daughter