Hangtime: A Brief Look

Everybody knows Hangtime, the open-all-day, fun hangout spot for teens to have fun and, hence the name, hangout. Maccabi athletes can pop in and out of Hangtime in between their sporting events for food, water, and most of all, fun!  Today I interviewed two Hangtime volunteers about this JCC Maccabi Game programs.

Sara Hermanoff, one of the volunteers of Hangtime at the Milwaukee JCC Maccabi Games, says that the most important thing about Hang Time is “for the kids to feel comfortable.” She adds, “it has to feel like it’s their place.” She feels similarly to Israeli native Noa, who describes Hangtime as a “free space,” where kids can do anything from playing board games to sleeping.*

*For more information on the activities that happen every day at Hangtime see Rachel’s blog post here!

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Zoe - Star ReporterHangtime: A Brief Look


Hangtime is a open, free space off of the Nicolet cafeteria where teens are allowed to play games, make crafts, eat snacks, learn about Israel and lie around. Today during Hangtime teens enjoyed a balloon artist’s talents as he created over sixty balloon sculptures. Then, at three a Slushy truck provided teens with the icy treat after a day of competition.





This week’s schedule at Hangtime:

Monday: Today@Hangtime open all day: 1:00 extreme balloons 3:00 slushy truck

Tuesday: Today@Hangtime open all day: 1:00 Camplified 3:00 donuts, d’oh

Wednesday: Today@Hangtime open all day: 1:00 martial arts 3:00 ice pops

Thursday: Today@Hangtime open all day: 1:00 nail art & Israeli pita 3:00 ice cream bars

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Rachel - Star ReporterHangtime